This page has been added for those people who may be looking for a particular item within Plasticcraft which is no longer available. For whatever reason, these items have been removed by TehKrush and there are no current plans to re-introduce them.

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The Glowstick acted the same as a torch, but was even brighter than a torch when placed. It's recipe was 2 plastic sticks + 1 Glowstone dust.

Jello Block

The Jello block could be used very much like cake. Once crafted, it could be placed on a block as you would with cake, and then eaten. It required 9 pieces of Jello to craft the Jello block.


This was Plasticcraft's way of being able to obtain 3 types of record. Using 4 plastic balls and a dye in the middle, you could obtain a record. By using cactus green, you got the green record, by using yellow dye, you got the gold record, by using Rose Red, you got a red record. The red record was a custom record, which meant you could have it play a tune of your choice. dust.

Plastic Wrap

The Plastic Wrap. This was made by crafting 3 synthetic string in a line. It actually didn't do anything unless you had the Chocolate mod from Nandonalt installed. Unfortunately Chocolate mod has not had an update since MC 1.7.3 beta.

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