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To run this mod you are required to install the following :-

Current version 3.0.2 runs on Minecraft version 1-1

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To Install PlasticCraft
Download the PlasticCraft Client zip file (and Server if required) fromTehKrush's forum thread - Click HERE or Click HERE

  • For the Client zip file, once downloaded, open the zip file with program and drag the "" file into .......your .minecraft/mods folder
  • For the server zip, once downloaded, copy the zip file (without opening it) into.your (Server Directory)/mods folderNow start up your server and your client (and server) and away you go ! ................................................................

If you prefer a Video Tutorial - Click HERE

Block ID conflict ? Visit the config page for details of what this mod uses.
Errors or Bugs ? Please Report them on TehKrush's Forum Thread, found HERE.

Previous Versions of Plasticcraft available for SSP only

Links have been removed now by Tehkrush for older versions
PlasticCraft v2.3 for 1.0.0 (requires ML and MCF)
PlasticCraft v2.1.3 for b1.7.3 beta (requires ML)

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