return {
	-- Lists --
	['Any Banner'] = 'White Banner; Orange Banner; Magenta Banner; Light Blue Banner; Yellow Banner; Lime Banner; Pink Banner; Gray Banner; Light Gray Banner; Cyan Banner; Purple Banner; Blue Banner; Brown Banner; Green Banner; Red Banner; Black Banner',
	['Any Carpet'] = 'White Carpet; Orange Carpet; Magenta Carpet; Light Blue Carpet; Yellow Carpet; Lime Carpet; Pink Carpet; Gray Carpet; Light Gray Carpet; Cyan Carpet; Purple Carpet; Blue Carpet; Brown Carpet; Green Carpet; Red Carpet; Black Carpet',
	['Any Dye'] = 'Bone Meal; Orange Dye; Magenta Dye; Light Blue Dye; Dandelion Yellow; Lime Dye; Pink Dye; Gray Dye; Light Gray Dye; Cyan Dye; Purple Dye; Lapis Lazuli; Cocoa Beans; Cactus Green; Rose Red; Ink Sac',
		['Any Colored Dye'] = 'Orange Dye; Magenta Dye; Light Blue Dye; Dandelion Yellow; Lime Dye; Pink Dye; Gray Dye; Light Gray Dye; Cyan Dye; Purple Dye; Lapis Lazuli; Cocoa Beans; Cactus Green; Rose Red; Ink Sac',
	['Any Fence Gate'] = 'Oak Fence Gate; Spruce Fence Gate; Birch Fence Gate; Jungle Fence Gate; Acacia Fence Gate; Dark Oak Fence Gate',
	['Any Firework Star'] = 'White Firework Star; Orange Firework Star; Magenta Firework Star; Light Blue Firework Star; Yellow Firework Star; Lime Firework Star; Pink Firework Star; Gray Firework Star; Light Gray Firework Star; Cyan Firework Star; Purple Firework Star; Blue Firework Star; Brown Firework Star; Green Firework Star; Red Firework Star; Black Firework Star',
	['Any fuel'] = 'Coal; Charcoal; Oak Wood; Oak Wood Planks',
	['Any Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom; [Mushroom]Brown Mushroom',
	['Any Quartz Block'] = 'Block of Quartz; Chiseled Quartz Block; Pillar Quartz Block',
	['Any Red Sandstone'] = 'Red Sandstone; Chiseled Red Sandstone; Smooth Red Sandstone',
	['Any Sandstone'] = 'Sandstone; Chiseled Sandstone; Smooth Sandstone',
	['Any Stained Clay'] = 'White Stained Clay; Orange Stained Clay; Magenta Stained Clay; Light Blue Stained Clay; Yellow Stained Clay; Lime Stained Clay; Pink Stained Clay; Gray Stained Clay; Light Gray Stained Clay; Cyan Stained Clay; Purple Stained Clay; Blue Stained Clay; Brown Stained Clay; Green Stained Clay; Red Stained Clay; Black Stained Clay',
	['Any Stained Glass'] = 'White Stained Glass; Orange Stained Glass; Magenta Stained Glass; Light Blue Stained Glass; Yellow Stained Glass; Lime Stained Glass; Pink Stained Glass; Gray Stained Glass; Light Gray Stained Glass; Cyan Stained Glass; Purple Stained Glass; Blue Stained Glass; Brown Stained Glass; Green Stained Glass; Red Stained Glass; Black Stained Glass',
	['Any Stained Glass Pane'] = 'White Stained Glass Pane; Orange Stained Glass Pane; Magenta Stained Glass Pane; Light Blue Stained Glass Pane; Yellow Stained Glass Pane; Lime Stained Glass Pane; Pink Stained Glass Pane; Gray Stained Glass Pane; Light Gray Stained Glass Pane; Cyan Stained Glass Pane; Purple Stained Glass Pane; Blue Stained Glass Pane; Brown Stained Glass Pane; Green Stained Glass Pane; Red Stained Glass Pane; Black Stained Glass Pane',
	['Any Stone Bricks'] = 'Stone Bricks; Mossy Stone Bricks; Cracked Stone Bricks; Chiseled Stone Bricks',
	['Any Stone Slab'] = 'Stone Slab; Sandstone Slab; Cobblestone Slab; Bricks Slab; Stone Bricks Slab; Nether Brick Slab; Quartz Slab',
	['Any Wood'] = 'Oak Wood; Spruce Wood; Birch Wood; Jungle Wood; Acacia Wood; Dark Oak Wood',
	['Any wood Door'] = 'Oak Door; Spruce Door; Birch Door; Jungle Door; Acacia Door; Dark Oak Door',
	['Any wood Fence'] = 'Oak Fence; Spruce Fence; Birch Fence; Jungle Fence; Acacia Fence; Dark Oak Fence',
	['Any Wood Planks'] = 'Oak Wood Planks; Spruce Wood Planks; Birch Wood Planks; Jungle Wood Planks; Acacia Wood Planks; Dark Oak Wood Planks',
	['Any Wood Slab'] = 'Oak Wood Slab; Spruce Wood Slab; Birch Wood Slab; Jungle Wood Slab; Acacia Wood Slab; Dark Oak Wood Slab',
	['Any Wood Stairs'] = 'Oak Wood Stairs; Spruce Wood Stairs; Birch Wood Stairs; Jungle Wood Stairs; Acacia Wood Stairs; Dark Oak Wood Stairs',
	['Any Wool'] = 'White Wool; Orange Wool; Magenta Wool; Light Blue Wool; Yellow Wool; Lime Wool; Pink Wool; Gray Wool; Light Gray Wool; Cyan Wool; Purple Wool; Blue Wool; Brown Wool; Green Wool; Red Wool; Black Wool',
		['Any Dyed Wool'] = 'Orange Wool; Magenta Wool; Light Blue Wool; Yellow Wool; Lime Wool; Pink Wool; Gray Wool; Light Gray Wool; Cyan Wool; Purple Wool; Blue Wool; Brown Wool; Green Wool; Red Wool; Black Wool',
	-- Display names --
	['13 Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]13 Disc[&7C418 - 13]',
		['cat Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]cat Disc[&7C418 - cat]',
		['blocks Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]blocks Disc[&7C418 - blocks]',
		['chirp Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]chirp Disc[&7C418 - chirp]',
		['far Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]far Disc[&7C418 - far]',
		['mall Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]mall Disc[&7C418 - mall]',
		['mellohi Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]mellohi Disc[&7C418 - mellohi]',
		['stal Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]stal Disc[&7C418 - stal]',
		['strad Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]strad Disc[&7C418 - strad]',
		['ward Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]ward Disc[&7C418 - ward]',
		['11 Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]11 Disc[&7C418 - 11]',
		['wait Disc'] = '[&bMusic Disc]wait Disc[&7C418 - wait]',
	['Brown Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Brown Mushroom',
	['Clay (block)'] = '[Clay]Clay (block)',
	['Enchanted Golden Apple'] = '[&d]Golden Apple',
	['End Portal (block)'] = '[End Portal]End Portal (block)',
	['Golden Apple'] = '[&b]Golden Apple',
	['Huge Brown Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Huge Brown Mushroom',
	['Huge Red Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Huge Red Mushroom',
	['Melon (block)'] = '[Melon]Melon (block)',
	['Nether Brick (item)'] = '[Nether Brick]Nether Brick (item)',
	['Red Mushroom'] = '[Mushroom]Red Mushroom',
	['Snow (layer)'] = '[Snow]Snow (layer)',
	-- Damaged armor, tools and weapons --
	['Damaged Bow'] = '[Bow]Damaged Bow',
	['Damaged Carrot on a Stick'] = '[Carrot on a Stick]Damaged Carrot on a Stick',
	['Damaged Chain Boots'] = '[Chain Boots]Damaged Chain Boots',
	['Damaged Chain Chestplate'] = '[Chain Chestplate]Damaged Chain Chestplate',
	['Damaged Chain Helmet'] = '[Chain Helmet]Damaged Chain Helmet',
	['Damaged Chain Leggings'] = '[Chain Leggings]Damaged Chain Leggings',
	['Damaged Diamond Axe'] = '[Diamond Axe]Damaged Diamond Axe',
	['Damaged Diamond Boots'] = '[Diamond Boots]Damaged Diamond Boots',
	['Damaged Diamond Chestplate'] = '[Diamond Chestplate]Damaged Diamond Chestplate',
	['Damaged Diamond Helmet'] = '[Diamond Helmet]Damaged Diamond Helmet',
	['Damaged Diamond Hoe'] = '[Diamond Hoe]Damaged Diamond Hoe',
	['Damaged Diamond Leggings'] = '[Diamond Leggings]Damaged Diamond Leggings',
	['Damaged Diamond Pickaxe'] = '[Diamond Pickaxe]Damaged Diamond Pickaxe',
	['Damaged Diamond Shovel'] = '[Diamond Shovel]Damaged Diamond Shovel',
	['Damaged Diamond Sword'] = '[Diamond Sword]Damaged Diamond Sword',
	['Damaged Fishing Rod'] = '[Fishing Rod]Damaged Fishing Rod',
	['Damaged Flint and Steel'] = '[Flint and Steel]Damaged Flint and Steel',
	['Damaged Golden Axe'] = '[Golden Axe]Damaged Golden Axe',
	['Damaged Golden Boots'] = '[Golden Boots]Damaged Golden Boots',
	['Damaged Golden Chestplate'] = '[Golden Chestplate]Damaged Golden Chestplate',
	['Damaged Golden Helmet'] = '[Golden Helmet]Damaged Golden Helmet',
	['Damaged Golden Hoe'] = '[Golden Hoe]Damaged Golden Hoe',
	['Damaged Golden Leggings'] = '[Golden Leggings]Damaged Golden Leggings',
	['Damaged Golden Pickaxe'] = '[Golden Pickaxe]Damaged Golden Pickaxe',
	['Damaged Golden Shovel'] = '[Golden Shovel]Damaged Golden Shovel',
	['Damaged Golden Sword'] = '[Golden Sword]Damaged Golden Sword',
	['Damaged Iron Axe'] = '[Iron Axe]Damaged Iron Axe',
	['Damaged Iron Boots'] = '[Iron Boots]Damaged Iron Boots',
	['Damaged Iron Chestplate'] = '[Iron Chestplate]Damaged Iron Chestplate',
	['Damaged Iron Helmet'] = '[Iron Helmet]Damaged Iron Helmet',
	['Damaged Iron Hoe'] = '[Iron Hoe]Damaged Iron Hoe',
	['Damaged Iron Leggings'] = '[Iron Leggings]Damaged Iron Leggings',
	['Damaged Iron Pickaxe'] = '[Iron Pickaxe]Damaged Iron Pickaxe',
	['Damaged Iron Shovel'] = '[Iron Shovel]Damaged Iron Shovel',
	['Damaged Iron Sword'] = '[Iron Sword]Damaged Iron Sword',
	['Damaged Leather Boots'] = '[Leather Boots]Damaged Leather Boots',
	['Damaged Leather Tunic'] = '[Leather Tunic]Damaged Leather Tunic',
	['Damaged Leather Cap'] = '[Leather Cap]Damaged Leather Cap',
	['Damaged Leather Pants'] = '[Leather Pants]Damaged Leather Pants',
	['Damaged Shears'] = '[Shears]Damaged Shears',
	['Damaged Stone Axe'] = '[Stone Axe]Damaged Stone Axe',
	['Damaged Stone Hoe'] = '[Stone Hoe]Damaged Stone Hoe',
	['Damaged Stone Pickaxe'] = '[Stone Pickaxe]Damaged Stone Pickaxe',
	['Damaged Stone Shovel'] = '[Stone Shovel]Damaged Stone Shovel',
	['Damaged Stone Sword'] = '[Stone Sword]Damaged Stone Sword',
	['Damaged Wooden Axe'] = '[Wooden Axe]Damaged Wooden Axe',
	['Damaged Wooden Hoe'] = '[Wooden Hoe]Damaged Wooden Hoe',
	['Damaged Wooden Pickaxe'] = '[Wooden Pickaxe]Damaged Wooden Pickaxe',
	['Damaged Wooden Shovel'] = '[Wooden Shovel]Damaged Wooden Shovel',
	['Damaged Wooden Sword'] = '[Wooden Sword]Damaged Wooden Sword',

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