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To CraftEdit

Requires 4 x Plastic Goo

Plastic Goo BlockEdit

The Plasticgoo Block is Plasticcrafts answer to Soulsand. This block acts like almost exactly like Soulsand, slowing down and damaging mobs and players that walk over it. I say 'almost', because its slowing capabilities are far stronger than Soulsand, your speed of movement is slowed considerably more. Even just coming into contact with it will slow you down. And more, the slowing effect continues to affect you for 5 seconds after you no longer have contact with it. This block, when placed gives off a smoke effect. If it comes into contact with water it will turn into a plastic block. As with other Plasticcraft blocks, it can resist explosions. Crafting it requires 4 pieces of plastic goo. It is not used in combination with any other crafting recipe at the moment.

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