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To CraftEdit

Requires 2 x Obsidian + 2 x Rubber Ball + 1 x Integrated Circuit

Shock Absorbing BootsEdit

Shock Absorbing Boots - One of the best technological advances in protecting the wearer from any kind of fall from any height. Put these on, and become fearless when you meet those huge reavines, those high cliff edges, laugh in the face of danger and plummet over the side, only to know that whatever the case, you will survive without injury, unless of course, you are careless enough to jump into a lava pool ! These baby's not only protect from fall damage, but they can boost your jump height when using a trampoline, so now you can really go for that long distance marathon in 5 seconds flat using these. The boots have another use, and that is to protect the wearer from damage caused by coming into contact with a plasticgoo block, so really a worthwhile investment !!. They do not provide any armor protection.

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