1.7.10 update please!

In reply to above : Plasticcraft was programmed by @Tehkrush, not myself. He appears to not wish to continue the project past ver 1-1. I've been looking to see if anyone else was going to pick up the project, but so far, no one has.

This site was created because people still seem to be looking for a Plasticcraft wiki. I assume that it is still being run on some servers around the world. I am currently putting together an MC1-1 server / client which I will provide links for later on. However, if anyone was willing to update it to a later version of Minecraft, I'm assuming they would have to speak to @Tehkrush if he's still replying to such enquiries.

Icephantom (talk) 15:25, October 23, 2014 (UTC) Ice

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