To CraftEdit

The Plastic Water Bottle is not craftable - See below for further info on how to obtain one.

Plastic Water BottleEdit

The Plastic Water Bottle is not craftable. To obtain a Water Bottle, you must first craft a Plastic Bottle, which will be empty. Go to a water source anywhere and right-click on a water source block with an empty plastic bottle in your hand. The bottle will fill with water, much like if you did the same thing with a bucket. The filled water bottle can be used when your hunger bar is less than 100%. When you drink from the bottle, by right-clicking with it in your hand, you will consume the water and your hunger bar will increase by between 1 - 2 bars.It does not increase hearts. The bottle is not lost in the process, making it a very handy piece of kit to have in your inventory when going off on long explorations and you suddenly find yourself out of food. The Water Bottle is not stackable.

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